Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland & Perry Counties (DVSCP) was awarded a $9,000 grant from the Betty and Leo Balzereit Foundation.  Balzereit’s mission is to help alleviate the pain, neglect, and isolation that abused women and children as well as the homeless face. This grant will support DVSCP’s emergency shelter, which serves women, children, and men who are fleeing from violent homes.

Domestic violence is pervasive – in 2018, 122 people lost their lives in Pennsylvania in domestic violence related incidents – including the first DV-related murder in Cumberland County since 2014. National statistics are reflected locally – in 2018, DVSCP housed 83 adults and 68 children for a total of 4,188 shelter days.  While staying at the shelter, residents are provided with food, clothing, medical needs, school supplies, and transportation at no cost to them.

The programs and services DVSCP offers are of critical importance to the community. Without this grant, many would be forced to remain in life-threatening home environments instead of working with agency staff to rebuild their lives.  DVSCP is grateful for this generous donation.