Carlisle, PA –June 04, 2018: Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland & Perry Counties (DVSCP) was chosen as the recipient of a $10,000 donation from The Exchange Club of Carlisle. The Exchange Club chose DVSCP to assist the agency with its child abuse prevention efforts throughout Cumberland and Perry Counties.

The Exchange Club of Carlisle was formed in 1949 by residents to exchange ideas and information about how to improve the local community. Their key programs of service reflect those of the National Exchange Club and include the areas of Americanism, youth programs, community service, and prevention of child abuse.

Last October, DVSCP delivered a presentation to Exchange Club members on domestic violence and its connection to child abuse. Since preventing/ending child abuse is paramount to The Exchange Club’s mission, members were interested in the overlap of their work and DVSCP’s services. In addition to the child abuse connection, there was also the understanding that boys who grow up in a home experiencing domestic violence often become batterers themselves as adults. After more thorough discussions, the organization decided to enter into partnership with DVSCP to bolster the agency’s work with survivors of domestic violence, children in particular.

“DVSCP is truly grateful for this new partnership with The Exchange Club,” said Barbara Kohutiak, DVSCP Executive Director.  “This generous donation will make a big difference in the lives of the children we serve. In addition to counseling and advocacy for children, Shelter Staff provide clothing, food, medical needs, school supplies, and transportation when the need is there.”

Experts say early intervention is the best way to ease the impact on a child exposed to domestic violence. Last year alone, DVSCP provided emergency shelter for 313 adults and children needing to escape abusive situations. The agency delivered 3,794 hours of counseling and conducted 120 prevention programs to local schools. The donation from The Exchange Club will only help to increase these services moving forward.