Black Voices: Sonya Browne, shelter supervisor at DVSCP

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(Editorial from the June 14, 2020, issue of The Sentinel)

Dr. Steven Covey says, “Most people do not listen to understand, they listen to reply.”

If we really want to get to the heart of our racial issues then we must listen to the experiences of other races and what it is like for them living in America. […]

Tote Sale to Benefit DVSCP

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Times are hard for everyone right now, but more so for those sheltering-in-place with an abuser. In an effort to help, local design firm Carlisle Design, Interiors and Consulting Group has been using their quarantine time to create the reusable cotton tote bag pictured below. The group is selling the bag in partnership with #ForGoodPA, to […]

Balzereit Foundation Awards DVSCP with $9,000 Grant

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Carlisle, PA – May 1, 2020:  Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland & Perry Counties (DVSCP) was awarded a $9,000 grant from the Betty and Leo Balzereit Foundation.  Balzereit’s mission is to help alleviate the pain, neglect, and isolation that abused women and children as well as the homeless face. This grant will support DVSCP’s emergency shelter, […]


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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us in various ways. With stay-at-home orders in effect and social distancing mandates across the nation, people are spending more time at home with family, in order to stay safe. But, what if home isn’t safe either?

With incidents of domestic violence expected to rise as the pandemic stretches on, DVSCP […]

2020 Sunflower Gala Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

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Carlisle, PA – March 16, 2020:  In an effort to preserve the health and safety of its guests, staff, and volunteers, Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland & Perry Counties (DVSCP) has made the difficult decision to cancel its upcoming Sunflower Gala scheduled for Saturday, April 4. DVSCP closely monitored the PA Department of Health and Center […]

Rotary Raises $20K for Shelter Repairs

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Rotary Club of Carlisle Selects Local DV Shelter as Beneficiary of Holiday Fundraiser

Carlisle, PA – December 16, 2019:  The Rotary Club of Carlisle and Rotary Club of Carlisle Sunrise joined forces to help Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland & Perry Counties (DVSCP) raise money for the agency’s Shelter repair project.  Through its Annual Holiday Celebration and […]

Land O’Lakes Awarded DVSCP with $5K to Fix Emergency Shelter

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Carlisle, PA – December 4, 2019:  Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland & Perry Counties (DVSCP) was awarded a $5,000 grant from the Land O’Lakes Foundation. This money will go towards renovations necessary to keep the agency’s Emergency Shelter safe and operable for those seeking refuge from violent homes. Tasks include repairing or replacing 45 shelter windows, […]

DVAM: What You Should Know

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Author: Bonnie Fowler, DVSCP Founding Mother

As we turn the pages in our calendars, or scroll down on our devices, this new month holds special meaning for those who work on behalf of victims of domestic violence, their children, their friends and family members.  Each October we come together to grieve the lost lives of victims and to […]

GB Stuart Foundation Donates $25k for Vital Shelter Repairs

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Carlisle, PA – August 21, 2019:  The GB Stuart Foundation recently awarded a $25,000 grant to Domestic Violence Services of Cumberland & Perry Counties (DVSCP) for a two-part shelter structural improvement project. Tasks being funded include repairing or replacing 45 shelter windows, as well as repairing and replacing portions of the exterior, which have begun to […]

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